FAQ: Need to Know

Can I edit any of my pictures?

No. When CD's are given you are only given the rights to print the photo's do not edit any of these pictures. It is copyright infringement. Sorry, I don't know any professional photographer that would do this. If you do, then you are personally not helping them and take advantage of them. Inside they are probably not really wanting to let you do it, but don't know how to say no to you. You show your edited work and it looks like I did it, sorry but if you need an edit I am here to do it for you. Please stick to editing your own pictures from your own camera :).

Can I post pictures on facebook, myspace, my blog or anyother social network of my choosing?

Yes, AFTER you receive the CD you can post all pictures. Out of courtesy please don't take the credit.
A lot of Cg Photography work comes from word of mouth  and we appreciate all of our customers and their friends.  When the picture is posted on the website or on facebook you are welcome to use that but please don't crop it out to take off the watermark.

Why are my pictures watermarked?

I want you to know that your pictures are 100% safe. This way no one can steal the image to claim as their own.

Will the watermark be there when I get my CD?

Nope, the watermark is there for two reasons. One for the web to show you and two after full payment is received.

How long until I get my pictures?

All sessions except wedding: I try to do it as fast as I can, but it's 1-2 weeks. It takes anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on your session. Post processing is a very long process and I take my time and my best work with each and every session. Weddings are 3-4 weeks again depending on packages.

How do I get the pictures?

I will send all of them to you on a protected site that only you and I can see. You can then tell me if you would like different colors, head swaps, etc. Then depending on your package we will go from there.

Are all of my pictures going to be posted on facebook and/or the website?

Not all of them, but some of them could be, the really good ones to show off. If you don't want them to be that's ok. Just let me know!

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All images are copyright of Cg Photography.